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About us

Qualius aims to disseminate and promote the use of best practices in the governance and management of information technologies.

These practices are described in frameworks - ITIL -, standards - FitSM, ISO/IEC 20000 e ISO/IEC 27001 - , among others - BPM/BPMN, Cobit, LeanIT -, and are applied with recognized and proven results in companies and organizations worldwide.

This objective is pursued through our activity of:

  • Training of information technology professionals with a view to obtaining knowledge and understanding, ability to use, analyze and evaluate the practices documented in referentials and standards for global acceptance and application.
  • Consultancy and management of programs and projects aimed at improving processes, the use of information technologies and the skills available in the organization. We use the USM method to create the service management system that is essential for obtaining sustainable results.

Qualius Team