Course summary

  • FitSM Foundation training course in IT service management .
  • Training certified by APMG International and ITEMO.
  • Trainer accredited for FitSM by APMG International.
  • Classroom training or live online, lasting 7 hours .
  • Access to training material.
  • Access to the FitSM Foundation Examination.

Course program

The FitSM Foundation training in IT service management course program includes:

  • Introduction to the course.
  • IT Service Management: Introduction, Terms & Concepts.
  • The FitSM Standards Family.
  • IT Service Management – General Aspects.
  • IT Service Management – Processes:
    • Objective, important terms and concepts, requirements, additional information including main outputs and/or workflows.
    • Service Level Management
    • Service Availability and Continuity Management
    • Capacity Management
    • Information Security Management
    • Incident and Service Request Management
    • Problem Management
    • Configuration Management
    • Change Management
    • Release and Deployment Management
    • Objective, important terms and concepts, and requirements.
    • Service Portfolio Management
    • Service Reporting
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Supplier Relationship Management
    • Continual Service Improvement
  • Benefits, Risks & Challenges of Implementing IT Service Management.
  • Related Standards & Frameworks (ITIL, ISO/IEC 20000, COBIT).

Course organization


  • The course lasts 7 hours, not including the certification exam.
  • Can be taught in person or in online live mode.
  • The session schedule will be defined for each course. It is recommended that in the remote course mode each session has a maximum of 1h45m.

Learning material

  • Presentation of the material, supported by the use of slides.
  • Discussion of practical situations and resolution of consolidation exercises.
  • Discussion with students on topics of specific interest.
  • Course documentation, including: the FitSM® standard modules, the handouts with the slides used in the course, templates and support guides, case studies and other auxiliary materials for studying and understanding the application of the FitSM® standard. This documentation is provided in digital format.
  • References to material available online.

Certification exam

  • The certification exam will take place after the end of the course and will last for thirty minutes. Participants whose mother tongue is not English will have an additional ten minutes.
  • In the face-to-face training modality, a session will be scheduled for the exam, on a date to be agreed, preferably in the week following the course.
  • In the remote training modality, individual sessions will be scheduled at the beginning of the course, with each candidate, to take the exam, to be conducted online with remote surveillance, preferably in the week following the course.


  • There are no specific prerequisites for this course, other than familiarity with the context of IT service management.
  • The course is taught in Portuguese or in English, but it is important that participants are comfortable with the technical literature in English, to make the most of the knowledge that will be transmitted.
  • The slides and course documentation are written in English, and the certification exam questions (by multiple choice) are in English.

Who is it for?

  • This course is aimed at managers of organizations that provide IT services, as well as all those who are responsible for guiding technical teams in the provision and management of IT services.
  • It is also of interest to all those in their professional practice who are involved in the planning, delivery, operation and control of the IT services provided in an organization.
  • For all those who want to deepen their knowledge in the recommendations of the FitSM® standard and reach higher certification levels, this course is a preparation for the successful achievement of the “Certificate Foundation in IT Service Management according to FitSM”, which is a prerequisite for attending more advanced courses and obtaining the respective certification levels.




  • FitSM® training is aimed at professionals who aim to be recognized as having the necessary skills to implement effective IT service management processes [ITSM], quickly and without the need to invest in the complexity and detail of others frameworks..
  • Focus on the essential aspects of IT service management, implementing FitSM®, standard and auditable processes.

For the organization:

  • Take the essential steps on the road to implementing the full set of IT service management processes.
  • Achieve real improvements in the provision of IT services in the organization through the use of a concise, simple and feasible ITSM standard.
  • Successfully manage a specific and core set of ITSM processes .
  • Implement the bases of effective ITSM processes, when it is not necessary the level of detail of standards such as ISO/IEC 20000 (but creating bases for their subsequent implementation, if desired).
  • Adoption of effective IT processes through checklists and ways of assessing maturity.

For professionals:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the basic ITSM concepts and terminology, the purpose and structure of the modules of the FitSM® standard and their relationship with other standards.
  • Understand the process framework underlying FitSM®, as well as the requirements defined therein, allowing you to contribute to its adoption more quickly and efficiently.


The initial course of the training scheme in FitSM® - Foundation level - consists of an introduction to the standard's content, presenting its structure, the service management concept and the main concepts and associated terminology. The general aspects of IT service management are addressed from the perspective of FitSM®. The fourteen processes defined in the standard are briefly described.

The aim of this course is to provide an initial solid knowledge base to support professionals in information technology and systems (IT/IS) in their activity, allowing those who wish to progress in deepening their knowledge of the FitSM® standard through two advanced courses - Service Planning and Delivery and Service Operation and Control. Each of these courses addresses aspects of the implementation of a service management system and deepens the knowledge in the processes most linked to the areas of service planning and delivery and service operation and control, respectively.

The course program follows the most recent version of the content provided by the entity that manages the standard, the IT Education Management Organization - ITEMO - and prepares the trainees for the respective exam.

The “Certificate Foundation in IT Service Management according to FitSM®” obtained following the success of the FitSM® Foundation Examination, is a prerequisite for attending advanced courses. .