Training offer

Qualius' approach to the training market, which it has developed over the years, segments its training offer into:

  • Certified training;
  • Tailored training.

Our training activities are predominantly dedicated to companies and organizations that hire us following the favorable evaluation of our proposal.

We also organize, in partnership with other organizations dedicated to professional training, courses open to all interested professionals. These courses are advertised in a variety of ways, including on the Qualius website.

Certified training

Qualius provides a set of courses on subjects of great relevance to IT management and which are covered by international standards or benchmarks of good practice, with implementation and global recognition.

The courses offered are part of certified training schemes, following the programs and quality criteria defined by renowned international entities. These entities are responsible for promoting the development of those bodies of knowledge, as well as for the accreditation and certification of training entities qualified to teach the courses.

The trainees can thus acquire and develop skills and knowledge on topics of great importance for their activity, as well as see this evolution recognized by obtaining internationally recognized certifications, once the respective exams have been successfully carried out.

Tailored training

Qualius is available to support the management of companies' training plans, recognizing the specifics of each one and proposing the inclusion in the respective course plans of the Qualius training catalog.

When necessary, we develop courses with programs adapted to the specific situation of the client, so that companies can achieve efficiently and effectively the intended objectives.